Key Features

  • Optional comments on every item
  • Raters have ability to stop process, save entries and return later to complete
  • Ability to customize survey by rater groups (ex. Manager, Peers, Direct Report)
  • Customized email messages are sent to raters and participants as part of the feedback process
  • Automatic email reminders are sent to raters that have not finalized the process prior to the deadline date
  • Detailed and thorough report is provided on feedback received
  • Bench-marked and Validated Items
  • Customizable Categories and items for different levels and positions

Online 360 Degree Feedback

Customizable, Stress-free, Cost-Efficient

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360 Degree Feedback package includes:

  • Pre-meeting with leadership team, review of 360 Degree Feedback program and preparing team to gain positive results from the highly-effective process
  • Expert guidance and program management throughout feedback process; providing pre-feedback process checklist and communication tools that are able to be customized to fit the needs of the organization
  • Specialized report of feedback results delivered to key point of contact, reviewing all key findings by participant
  • One to one meetings conducted with each participant to review feedback findings
  • Skilled and insightful next steps provided that can be utilized to help set a development plan

360 feedback reviews provide valuable insight on the job performance of participants by soliciting confidential ratings from colleagues who work closely with them. The 360 degree feedback tool provides a significant competitive advantage allowing you to utilize the knowledge gained to develop and grow participants. Our feedback tool allows for customization of questions based on the participant and their level within the organization; whether the participant is in a key strategic role, an organizational leader, middle to upper management or non-management.