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Organizational Culture Audit

Our organizational culture audit is a comprehensive review of the organizations mission, vision, values, and culture & growth initiatives.  Business leader & team member consults are conducted to determine culture consistency at all levels.  Review of culture implementation through 15 key target areas.

Additional interactive culture sessions are available 

Employee Engagement Audit/Sessions

Recently conducted an engagement survey? Ready to implement strategies but not sure where to start?  Let EngageHRnow perform a comprehensive and fresh review of survey results. Our facilitated Engagement Audit/Sessions allow for individuals or teams to share insights, thoughts, and solutions to further advance the level of employee engagement. The interactive sessions gain deeper & in-depth information on where your teams feel attention is needed most; with ideas on how to progress forward. 

Employee File Audit

Our employee file audit includes a critical assessment of employee records; ensuring essential documents are being prepared, properly filed, security measures are being followed, access is properly managed and record-keeping requirements are being followed.

Enhanced Solutions HR Audit

Take your HR audit to the next level.  The Enhanced Solutions Audit includes Essential HR Audit focus areas plus an impactful HR strategy examination.  Key elements of the HR strategic overview include HR Strategy analysis,  business Leader & team member consults, spot engagement reviews, internal communication effectiveness evaluation, succession planning design and other strategic result areas.

FLSA Audit

Are your employee's properly classified? Are your Independent Contractors/Consultants actually employees? Our FLSA audit reviews the organization job descriptions and policies to assist in ensuring compliance with local & federal laws and the proper FLSA classification. Our insightful recommendations include identifying positions that may need reclassification, along with potential steps in the adjustment of duties, salary adjustments and implementing effective communication tools.

EngageHRnow HR Audits in action….

EngageHRnow Audits are thorough and extensive processes conducted both on and offsite.  

  • All audits include an easy to read report with our findings and recommendations
  • Our in-person* debriefing allows for complete understanding of findings
  • Discussion on opportunities for improvement
  • Sharing of best practices  

Essential HR Audit

A comprehensive and thorough review of the organization's employment practices.  The Essential HR Audit focuses on employment policies, key HR practices that impact business results, and HR processes throughout the employee life cycle. 

I-9 Audit

A compliance review of your I-9 processes and procedures can save your organization not only money but also protect against negative press.  A detailed review of all I-9's for current employees, ensuring forms are completed and properly filled out while checking for non-resident status.

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Too many times an HR audit is utilized only to identify gaps in federal, state, or local employment law compliance. We believe strategic and robust HR audits focus on how well your organization is strategically utilizing human resources to grow your business in addition to the review of regulatory compliance.

EngageHRnow's audit processes provide crucial insight and assists organizations in clearly seeing where action needs to be taken to propel the organization forward while mitigating risk.

*Additional charges possible for those outside the Washington, D.C. metro area

  1. Is your organization's strategy being supported through your human capital initiatives?
  2. Is your team effectively communicating your strategy?
  3. What gaps need to be addressed in order to mitigate risk?
  4. What steps can be taken to move your organization from good, to Great?

Maximize the Strategic Impact of Human Resources