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A healthy organizational culture is crucial to the success of an organization, but defining a culture of an organization can sometimes be difficult for leaders and team members to describe.​

Culture helps build the mindset of the organization.  It helps you shape behaviors, attitudes, and establish norms within the organization.  It’s how an organization functions and expresses itself.  It’s the organizations personality, its character. Culture can create a sense of order or it can create disorder.  It can build commitment or it can promote indifference.  Culture dictates how team members interact with one another, to how our stakeholders perceive us.   Make no mistake its impact is far reaching and it influences all aspects of management, our processes, products, team member attraction and retention, reputation, our overall success – our bottom line.

EngageHRnow Culture Assessment

  • Designed to provide feedback to the leadership team to help position the organization for success
  • Helps evaluate the current organizational culture
  • Creates positive dialogue around the direction of the organizations culture in order to support future growth
  • Provides insight on positive behaviors and ones that are negatively impacting the business results
  • Allows the leadership team to determine if the organizations characteristics support the business strategy

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Culture Assessment package includes:

  • Pre-meeting with organizational leader to discuss Culture and Culture Assessment process
  • Expert guidance and program management throughout assessment process; customized communication tools available
  • Specialized summary of assessment results delivered to organizational leader
  • Skilled and insightful next steps provided that can be utilized to facilitate additional dialogue amongst leadership and to develop detailed action plan for the shaping of desired future culture

What is organizational culture and why is it important?