We assist leaders in developing their culture while engaging & educating their staff on how they directly impact results​

    Our cost-effective engagement survey utilizes team member feedback to help advance a positive culture

    Investing in people sparks collaboration, innovation, and fuels teams to achieve incredible results.  We provide the

     steps to get you there!

    EngageHRnow partners with leadership to determine the health & well-being of the organization on all fronts.  Our

     engagement survey is designed to gain confidential insight from all team members utilizing benchmarked data to

     create customized solutions that will help share the vision, promote direction and spark performance



stress-free hr solutions!

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Is your organization ready to take the next steps to becoming an Employer of Choice?

How engaged is your Organization?

We utilize our carefully selected & statistically validated survey questions to provide an overall score, detail scoring across departments, a deeper analysis for in-depth manager results and much more!

Want to align employees with organization strategic goals?

We help you determine if team members are focused, motivated and understand how they directly impact the organizations results

Ready to propel your organization forward?

EngageHRnow is there to assist you in understanding how best to utilize the data, create the plan and put it into ACTION!

Survey packages include:

  • Pre-meeting with leadership team, review of engagement program and preparing team to gain positive results from the survey process
  • Expert guidance and program management throughout survey process; providing pre-survey communication tools
  • Specialized report of survey results delivered to leadership team, reviewing all key findings
  • Recommended communication plan post-survey based on your organizations unique needs
  • Skilled and insightful next steps provided that can be taken to help organization build an engaged team


Additional services offered:

  • Presentation of survey results communicated to the organization team members in person and/or through webinar 
  • Individual one to one meetings with managers to deliver their survey specific results
  • Partnering with leadership to build appropriate action plan based on the survey results that will drive engagement and advance business results
  • Additional strategic Human Resources offerings to help build your organizations culture, drive engagement, and advance business results

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